YABATECH Post-UTME Screening Score – See How to Calculate?

YABATECH Post-UTME Screening Score - See How to Calculate?

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YABATECH Post-UTME Screening Score – See How to Calculate? – Good day to you all the Applicants of Yabatech. I see the reason why you are on this page. Nevertheless, you will end up seeing how you can calculate YABATECH Post-UTME Screening Score by yourself without any delay or tension.

As it is currently that the current pandemic has really shaken the world at large. For this reason, Yabatech post utme screening exams might not hold because of the pandemic and minimize the spread of COVID-19. It will be highly advisable to learn how you can calculate the Yabatech Post UTME Score aggregate and to be sure of where you stand.

However, if you are looking for how you can calculate the YABATECH Post-UTME screening score, by yourself in other to know your actual score before the school management releases it.

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As it is now, I am not saying Yabatech will not conduct Post UTME exams but sometimes when the school didn’t conduct any exams, the candidates’ O’level result and their JAMB scores are used to give out their aggregate score.

Having known this fact, this article, we will show you how you can calculate the YABATECH POST-UTME screening score all by yourself.

You should read this article carefully to the end so you can figure your YABATECH total score appropriately.

This is the party you have been waiting for. You need to read this part carefully otherwise you will keep asking yourself how can ”I know my Post UTME score?” To cut the story short, you will need your JAMB Score and your O’level result before you can calculate your score.

If you know that you already have those mentioned on the ground, proceed to the next paragraph.

To calculate the Yabatech Post UTME screening score, we have 3 calculations to do.

  1. The first is to calculate the JAMB aggregate.
  2. The second is to calculate your O’level result aggregate while;
  3. The third is to know the Bonus mark that is involved.

Let me pick them one by one to get it solved.

First Step: Know your JAMB Aggregate

To know your JAMB aggregate, you will have to divide your JAMB score by 400 and then multiply everything by 50. Let me make an example for you to understand.

Let me say I scored 200 in JAMB. What I will do is to divide the 200 scores by 400 and then multiply it by 50. check it out in the image below.

jamb aggregate score

You have already calculated your JAMB aggregate score. Then let us go to the next step to know your WAEC/NECO/NABTEB aggregate score using the YABATECH O’level grading system pattern.

Second Step: Know your O’level Aggregate using the grading system | Yabatech Post utme Screening result

While calculating for the WAEC/NECO/NABTEB result aggregate score, you are to calculate for only five relevant subjects (while Mathematics and English are compulsory) in the subjects.

You need to know the mark that is allocated to each subject. Before you calculate, know your O’level subject mark first. See those marks aside for each subject.

Marks for WAEC/NECO Results

Below the mark for WAEC/NECO using the grading system;

A1 = 8.0 Marks.

B2 = 7.20 Marks.

B3 = 6.40 Marks.

C4 = 5.60 Marks.

C5 = 4.80 Marks.

C6 = 4.0 Marks.

Marks for NABTEB Results

Below is the Mark for  NABTEB, using the grading system;

A1 = 8.0 Marks.

A2 = 7.20 Marks.

A3 = 6.40 Marks.

C4 = 5.60 Marks.

C5 = 4.80 Marks.

C6 = 4.0 Marks.

Use the above marks to know your own WAEC/NECO/NABTEB aggregate score. Since you have calculated your O’level aggregate score, note it somewhere before you proceed.

Third Step: Know your Bonus Mark | Yabatech Post utme Screening result

This part is the interesting part because YABATECH management has given candidates some bonus marks.

  • a. 10 marks for those that applied with One O’level result while;
  • b. 5 marks for those that used combined results.

In conclusion, you should know your own mark by now depending on the number of O’level you used to apply.

Step 4: Sum up all the scores (i.e JAMB aggregate, Olevel aggregate & your bonus mark) calculated in the previous steps

Let me use my own JAMB to do the calculation myself.

My JAMB aggregate is 25marks

My O’level is 45marks

My bonus mark is 10marks

Since I have known my three steps marks, to calculate Yabatech post UTME screening result, I will have to add up all the marks that will give me Yabatech post UTME screening result as seen in the image below;

YABATECH Post-UTME Screening Score - See How to Calculate?

From my own calculation, my own Yabatech Post UTME SCreening result is 80 marks.

With this score of mine, what I will do next is that I will wait for Yabatech to release her Cut off marks before I will know whether I have passed the departmental cut off marks or I didn’t meet up.

If you find this article useful, please share it with friends and family that you know will help a lot.

Good luck & Takecare.

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