YABATECH School Fees for Freshers & Returning Students OND/HND Full-Time and Part-Time

Yabatech Validation Page | Yabatech Payment Confirmation & Evidence of Payment

Yabatech Validation Page | Yabatech Payment Confirmation & Evidence of Payment

Originally posted on January 17, 2020 @ 6:22 pm

YABATECH School Fees For Freshers & Returning Students Updates

YABATECH School Fees? The because this article is about Yabatech school fee updates for all departments. It’s comprised of the full-time fees, and part-time fees for freshers and all returning students. At the end of this article, you will discover YABATECH School Fees 2023/2024 For Freshers & Returning Students Updates.

YABATECH School Fees 2020/2021 For Freshers & Returning Students UpdatesSo, sit tight while you get all the information you have been searching for a long time right here on this blog.

Yabatech OND Full Time & HND Full Time School Fees

The school fee for OND and HND full-time in Yabatech for all Sciences,

However, for those who are HND candidates, school fees for all Sciences,


Yabatech Full-Time  School Fees ND.


Yabatech HND Full-Time School Fees

The list statement is the Yabatech  HND full-time school fees for all the departments of RETURNING students:


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The school fee for OND Part-time in Yabatech for all Sciences.

Yabatech OND Part-Time School Fees

The price of Part-time school fees in YABATECH varies per department. Below is the school fee price for OND part-time students at Yaba College of Technology;

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Yabatech Part-Time School Fees For HND  Students

The school fee price for Higher National Diploma students is only different in the first year; after that, the price is uniform with its OND 1  and 3 counterparts.

That’s the list of Yabatech part-time School fees for both new students and returning students.

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