Yabatech Validation Page | Yabatech Payment Confirmation & Evidence of Payment

Yabatech Validation page | Yabatech Payment Confirmation – How to get Yabatech evidence of Payment Slip

Yabatech Validation Page – Yaba college of technology payment confirmation platform help in the approval of payment validation of student and staff. A lot of payment has been made but the payment can’t be traced, most times students have to wait for two or three working days for the approval of payment. This has caused a lot of delays to the students.

In this article, we’ll like to discuss how to validate your payment of the YABATECH validation portal, you don’t need to bother anymore of going along with bank complaints or Yabatech CITM who hold the digital body of the school. You can get this done easily with easy steps and you don’t have to take much time on getting your payment approval done.

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Yabatech Validation Page | Yabatech Payment Confirmation & Evidence of Payment
Yabatech Validation Page | Yabatech Payment Confirmation & Evidence of Payment

The payment validation portal for YABATECH is on the school site by visiting www.yabatech.edu.ng, but most people find it difficult to find the main validation portal. Now let get along with the article and find out to ease out stress on validation payment on the YABATECH site.

What you need to know about the validation portal

Yabatech validation page is so important to all of the students of Ya college of technology – YABATECH. You will be guided with the below steps. Just follow the step to get your evidence of payment, or to validate your RRR after successful payment.

  • You are given an invoice from the bank or online from remita of a number which is about 12 digit, this 12 digit is what you need to be careful about, it will be used to get your payment approved. (RRR 200237352336, this just an example)
  • This RRR number will be used to make payment to the bank or online with your debit or credit card.
  • The RRR will be input in the box in the YABATECH validation portal for approval if it is successful or not, if It is successful you can proceed with what the payment is meant for, but if it is not approved you have to refresh the page and input the RRR number again.

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How to validate your payment on YABATECH portal

  • Go to Yabatech portal or click on http://erp.yabatech.edu.ng/portal/index.php?register/remitaGetReceipt for easy step
  • Input the RRR (the 12 digit number on the invoice you used in making payment online with your debit card or credit card or used in making payment to the bank.
  • Tap on continue, it will load up your receipt. Then you can print it out.
  • Your receipt must have a QR code
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Now you can get your Yabatech payment of evidence and Yabatech validation payment done. Kindly make use of the share link to share this article with your friends and loved ones having issues of payment approval.

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