UNILAG Transcript – Apply For UNILAG Transcript & Statement Of Result Printing

Apply for UNILAG Transcript,UNILAG Transcript application,Unilag Statement of result

Apply for UNILAG Transcript,UNILAG Transcript application,Unilag Statement of result

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UNILAG Transcript | How To Apply For University Of Lagos Transcript, UNILAG Statement Of Results And Other Necessary Documents After Graduation

UNILAG Transcript application and statement of result and any other documents is what this article all about. The University of Lagos is one of the best university which many individuals have become great, yet am not here to tell you more about the school. Apply for UNILAG Transcript,UNILAG Transcript application,Unilag Statement of resultHowever, I will like to tell you how you can apply for your Unilag transcript on the school website and other necessary documents if the need arisen.

Although, graduates have to pay for a transcript if they wish to further their education outside the countries or other universities in the country. Here I will like to feature the procedure which you can follow for how to apply for the UNILAG Transcript process.

Steps For UNILAG Transcript Application and Statement Of Results Printing And Other Documents

STEP ONE – Graduates have to click on http://records.unilag.edu.ng/Applications OR HERE

STEP TWO – Tap on the “New Application” button at the top of the platform.

STEP THREE – Put in your matriculation number. if you have forgotten your matriculation number, you don’t need to panic because there is as another choice for you to regain your matriculation number, where you can get it done is on the same page where you find “forget matriculation number” button. Here you should supply the email address you use in gaining admission into UNILAG. I believe you can remember this option given?

STEP FOUR – Please check your name whether it is correctly displayed on the platform shown to you, if in not correct, this means it not for you, you can also update your email address and phone number if necessary.

STEP FIVE – Choose your correct program type: Transcript, statement of Result, etc. also the number of the required copy.

STEP SIX – Choose in the location/destination you want the transcript to be sent to. Select the method you are utilizing in making payment and put in the correct private mail address of the establishment you are sending the transcript to and document or URL, Make a payment online  OR at any branch of the designated banks (please find below information on the respective documents and postage costs)

Note: Graduates can make payment either online with your ATM cards or to print out the invoice and take it to the commercial bank close by.

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UNILAG Transcript Application Processing Fees Table

Document Amount (N) Number of Copies
Transcript 5,000 1
Extra Copies of Transcript 1,000
Statement of Result 3,000
Statement of Result 3,000
Statement of Result 3,000
Attestation 3,000
Verification of Result 3,000
English as a Medium 3,000
To Whom It May Concern 3,000

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UNILAG Postage charges For Transcript Application Tabular Form

Document Destinations NIPOST (N) Private Courier (N)
Within Lagos 1,000 1,000
Outside Lagos, Within Nigeria 1,000 2,000
West Africa 1,300 15,000
East Africa 1,300 15,000
North Africa 1,500 15,000
South Africa 1,500 15,000
European Countries 1,500 20,000
Asian Countries 2,500 20,000
North American Countries 2,000 20,000
South American Countries 2,000 20,000
Australia / Oceania Countries 2,000 20,000
Antarctica 20,000
Soft Copy (Email) 1,000
Soft Copy (File Upload) 2,000

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