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Study in New Zealand, Reason to Study in New Zealand, New Zealand Culture and Lifestyle, Top New Zealand Universities, The University of Auckland, University of Otago, Victoria University of Wellington, Popular Courses in New Zealand, Postgraduate Degrees, International Students, Scholarships, Top Scholarships to Apply in New Zealand, Part-time Work and Earning Money in New Zealand, Living Costs for New Zealand, Student Visa,

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Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand – New Zealand has a skilled higher education organization. The country organizer eight universities in all-round, all of which are together in the top 500 in the QS World University tops in 2018. In together with universities, they are 18 technology and polytechnic institutes. Institutions like this aid applicants to establish vocational professionals by more practical and hands-on experiences.


Generally, in the Education System Strength tops of 2016, New Zealand set 16th. As a preferably little country, with a population evaluated at 4.7 million, this is an outstanding gain. High quality in education is gained by the implementation of the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).


The most attractive feature of higher education in New Zealand is the class categories. Classes are little, which permits high levels of tutor/student contact and mentoring.


Reason to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand gives foreign students a high-quality experience. With its attractive landscape, countless outdoor adventures, friendly locals, and well-respected educational institutions, New Zealand is a perfect decision for undergraduate and postgraduate study. Base on student choice of location, vibrant cities, outdoor pursuits, and cultural excursions will make sure students life outdoor of university is as active and various student studies!


New Zealand Culture and Lifestyle

New Zealander’s are popular for their place back approach to life and are generally considered as a saluting and beneficial nation. Rugby is a well-know as the main part of the culture in New Zealand. It is established in its society and culture, and New Zealand is well-known to organize a lot of the world’s most well-considered rugby teams.


Maori culture is part of the big part of life in New Zealand. Maoris are the initial people of New Zealand and their culture impact the day-to-day life there. The Maori language is also available in New Zealand, and you may have heard the same place mention through two different names – the Maori name and the English name.


Similar countries that are few, New Zealand is split into two parts; the North Island and the South Island. It is likely to travel within the two, usually by a 3 ½ hour transport ride. The widest cities are Auckland and Wellington in the North Island and Christchurch in the South. In 2017, Auckland was topped 8th on the Global Liveability Ranking 2017, scoring 95.7 out of 100.


Top New Zealand Universities

At the QS World University top 2019, the eight New Zealand universities that was topped in the global top 500 were:

• Auckland University of Technology
• Massey University
• Lincoln University
• University of Waikato
• University of Canterbury
• Victoria University of Wellington
• University of Otago
• University of Auckland



The University of Auckland

New Zealand’s highest top university, reach 85th place in the QS World University tops in 2019. As the biggest university in New Zealand, it has an applicant or student population of about 40,000 students; 7000 of whom are foreign students through 120 countries around the world. The university, based in the harbor city of Auckland, has been voted one of the top 30 best student cities by QS in 2017.




University of Otago

They are known for being New Zealand’s first university, Otago was established in 1869. Otago University is in the city of Dunedin, while the second-largest city in the South Island. The university is internationally considered for its excellence and ranked at 175 in the 2019 QS World University tops. About 195 undergraduate and postgraduate courses available all over Health Sciences, Sciences, Humanities, and Business.


Victoria University of Wellington

It’s located in Wellington, Victoria University is topped as the number one university in New Zealand, and sometimes ranks between the world’s best universities. In 2017/18 QS World University Tops, it set 219th, at the time of also receiving a five-star University rating overall eight categories rated. rate subjects to learn at Victoria include Law, Archaeology, English, and History, which are all topped in the top 100 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject.


As for the fact to its location, the university gains from its near proximity to and connections with the government, international agencies, environmental organizations, and research institutes.


Popular Courses in New Zealand

Undergraduate Degrees
• Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
• Graduate Diploma in Animation
• National Diploma in Science
• Graduate Diploma in Lab Technology
• Engineering


Postgraduate Degrees

• Post Graduate Diploma of Computer Graphic Design
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Professional Accounting
• PG Diploma in Agricultural Science



International Students

Fees for foreign or international Students

Apart from other places around the world that fees are more unique all over the country, tuition fee rate in New Zealand is established by individual institutions. However, the fees vary very well and are supported by the institution at which you are learning, as well as the participant that you select. Normally, degrees in the arts and social sciences are lesser, with science and engineering programmes expensive more.


Tuition fees for international students are higher than those for local students, however they are occasions when fees for foreign students are released, just like as Ph.D. programs. For foreign students, tuition fees usually at the rate between NZ$22,000 and NZ$32,000 while for bachelor’s degrees and NZ$26,000 to NZ$37,000 for postgraduate courses. However, a dentistry or medicine degree can have fees of up to NZ$75,000. Charges are per annum.


Few universities also accept levy as an additional fee for student services and administration costs. The University of Otago, as an illustration, charges NZ$798 per student.



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For full information on tuition fees at all New Zealand universities, visit the Te Pōkai Tara site for further details.

Foreign students must show that they are able to financially associate themselves when learning in New Zealand. to get this done, students or applicants must have NZ$1,250 per month for a study period in New Zealand of less than nine months and NZ$15,000 if they will abide in New Zealand as a student or applicant for a long period. This requires to be in addition to the amount needed for tuition fees and return airfare.



New Zealand gives different scholarships for foreign students who need to study there, some of which are given by the government. Scholarships change based on an individual own country of residence, the subject you wish to learn and the level at which you will study.



Top Scholarships to Apply in New Zealand

Before they are a Number of Awards present, below is a list of some of the rate scholarships you may decide to apply for if you determine to study in New Zealand:

Fulbright New Zealand US Graduate Award: Scholarship like this is for US students who need to study a postgraduate or research program. The degree might be at any New Zealand university and involve any field or subject. Scholarship associate students with the expenses of tuition, living, airfares and more.

New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade Scholarships: Scholarship is present to students from the Pacific and South-East Asia at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. It gives full funding to students to occupy a range of living and learning costs.

New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships: Scholarship exists for up to three years for foreign students on Ph.D. programs. Scholarship is rewarded to students very well in their academic studies. Full tuition fees and all living expenses are covered.


There are also university-specific opportunities that you may wish to consider:

Auckland University of Technology: This university gives a number of awards for foreign students.
Lincoln University: Scholarships for a lot of subjects and study levels are present. View the website for further informations.
Massey University Doctoral Scholarship: Scholarships for foreign doctoral students.
Southern Institute of Technology: Scholarships present for foreign students.
University of Auckland International Student Scholarships: Scholarships for the entire levels of study.
•  University of Canterbury: Different scholarships present for foreign students.
University of Otago: A Number of Awards for postgraduate studies.
University of Waikato: The International Excellence Scholarship, awarded depend on academic excellence for both domestic and international students learning at all levels.
Victoria University of Wellington: A number of opportunities are present for foreign students.




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Part-time Work and Earning Money in New Zealand

The student visa for foreign students in New Zealand let bachelor students to operate for a limit of 20 hours whilst learning during term time and full time in holidays. Postgraduate students, learning for a Master’s degree or Ph.D., are allowed to work for an excess number of hours per week all over the year.


Living Costs for New Zealand

Living costs in New Zealand are really reasonable. While more costly than studying in Asia, it is lesser than managing university in the UK or US. International students learning in New Zealand would mostly require around NZ$25,000 per year if consuming carefully on a budget. Individual will need to grow this budget if you tend to search budgeting hard or go for a more generous lifestyle!


The vital cities, like Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington, always arrive with a higher cost of living. At the period of these cities top as a more reasonable price than New York and London, individuals should be ready for increased living costs if you are deciding to study there. Housing expenses in Auckland, for instance, will be at the cost of NZ$150-300 and food costs around NZ$80-100 per week.


A lot of accommodation decisions are present to foreign students in New Zealand. Halls of people living there are available, as well as private accommodation to rent or, if individuals are worried about missing your family or missing out on home-cooked meals, if individuals may examine a homestay. If you select a homestay, individuals will be position to stay with a family local to the area, and they will give all individuals meals of their choice. This will no doubt gives the individual a reliable New Zealand experience.


Student Visa

The student visa needs for international students based on the cost of the time you are arranging on studying in New Zealand. If you are available for less than three months, individuals will be able to reside in the country and finish your studies on a visitor visa. If individuals will reside for more than three months, individuals must apply for a student visa. For a visa like this, individuals will require to, firstly, manage a university placement. The government then needs evidence of enough funds for fees and living costs, health insurance, the agreement of recent passport photos, and medical evidence (for residing for over 12 months). Evidence that accommodation has been well-organized is needed for students 18 and above. Students from Australia do not need a student visa.


If you need an application, maybe visit your nearest New Zealand Immigration organization or obtain online. The visa application is are with charges, and its cost base on the country in which individuals are applying, although individuals can get a discount if they apply online.

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