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Apply for a Unicaf Scholarship | study for an Internationally Recognised Bachelor, Master’s, or Doctoral Degree | Unicaf Scholarship


Apply for a Unicaf Scholarship today, Click on this link HERE


Apply for a Unicaf Scholarship – Unicaf gives the most open- handed scholarship programmes available today. Together with the financial support of Unicaf Scholarships and by utilizing the Unicaf state-of-the-art digital teaching platform, students who are in sub-Saharan Africa, and nearly anywhere in the world, can have entry to internationally recognized higher education.


Unicaf associates with universities in the UK, the US, Europe also Africa to give online, quality undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, to the gain thousands of students in Africa and other continents.

About $100 million worth of scholarships have been rewarded to qualify students so far.


Liverpool John Moores University


• MA in Leadership in Education
• MA in Mass Communications
• MA in Education*
• MA in International Relations*
• MSc in Psychology*
• MSc in International Public Health*
• Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International)*

*Subject to validation



University of Suffolk


• MSc Public Health
• MBA – Master of Business Administration



University of East London


• MBA*
• LLM (General)*

*Subject to validation



Unicaf University


• BSc Accounting and Finance
• BSc in Accounting
• Bachelor in Hospitality Management
• Bachelor in Business Administration
• BA English Language and Literature
• BA in Economics and Business
• BSc in Computer Science
• BSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics
• LLB Bachelor of Laws


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• MBA – Master’s in Business Administration
• Masters in Education
• MA in Educational Leadership and Management
• Master of Arts in English Language and Literature
• MSc Managerial Psychology
• MSc Web Design and Development
• MSc Healthcare Management
• MBA Management
• MBA Health Management
• MBA Management Information Systems
• MBA Finance
• MBA Oil, Gas and Energy Management
• MPA – Master of Public Administration
• LLM – Master of Laws



• PhD – Doctorate of Philosophy
• Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)
• Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


If you don’t know about Unicaf and you need to learn more about he Unicaf Scholarship Programme or the present study programmes, you visit or click on HERE


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